The Matt Talbot Retreat Movement

A retreat is an opportunity to be away from the distractions of daily living for a couple of days, usually a weekend (though some groups hold retreats during the week), in order to devote time to spiritual recovery from alcoholism. A retreat brings together a group of recovering alcoholics in a setting that promotes fellowship and sharing throughout the weekend. Most retreats focus on one broad topic for the weekend. A Retreat Master(s), who is usually both a recovering alcoholic and a member of the clergy, gives conferences about the topic several times during the weekend. Just as an alcohol Read More..

Why Make A Retreat?

• A Matt Talbot retreat offers an opportunity for recovering alcoholics to seek a stronger spiritual experience and enhance their sober way of life.

• The people who attend these retreats are all recovering alcoholics.

• Retreatants are of all races, all religious beliefs, all ages, and all walks of life.

Member Groups Information and Forms

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Where can I find literature and get a description of the literature used in making packets?

Medallion and Literature Order Forms are available in three formats. Standard HTML files which can be read by any browser. These won’t print quite as well as the other formats, but are usable. Adobe Acrobat files can be read by Read More..

Where can I find Group Forms and other usefull information?

Matt Talbot Groups may open the following forms. Please open the form you want. Then print it from your Web Browser. Because there are so many different browsers and printers, your printed copies may not paginate precisely. However they should Read More..

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