Where can I find Group Forms and other usefull information?

Matt Talbot Groups may open the following forms. Please open the form you want. Then print it from your Web Browser. Because there are so many different browsers and printers, your printed copies may not paginate precisely. However they should be usable.


1. “What Is The Matt Talbot Retreat Movement?” – Bi-fold 8 1/2”x 4”
pamphlet. A general overview of the retreat movement. Introduces Matt
Talbot the individual, describing how the retreat movement started, states the aims and purposes of the movement, briefly outlines a typical retreat weekend, and ties the benefits of a retreat into a recovering alcoholic’s sobriety. Any person or group interested in learning about the movement, going on a retreat, or forming a retreat group may benefit from having this overview both for general information as well as explaining more to interested parties.

2. “Come Aside With Me…and Rest Awhile” – Tri-fold 8 1/2”x 4”
pamphlet. Describes the environment of a spiritual retreat, in terms of,
enhancing serenity and as a tool to gain spiritual insights. Provides answers to pressing concerns of potential retreatants. Includes 12 questions on serenity, having an honest desire to get a better understanding of the spirituality of the program, 10 reasons to make a retreat, help in decision-making, and the movement’s position on tolerance.

3. “Weekends Lost and Found” – Tri-fold 8 1/2”x 4” pamphlet.

Describes the key benefits of a retreat for the recovering alcoholic: gaining stability in early sobriety, an opportunity for serious fourth and fifth step work, deepening one’s spirituality and achieving an even more peaceful existence.
Basic questions of a first time retreatant are answered. Why a recovering alcoholic should make a retreat and the difference between a ‘lost’ weekend and a ‘found’ weekend are explained.

4. “A Jesuit Applauds A.A.” – Tri-fold 8 1/2”x 4” pamphlet.
Provides a religious perspective on the nature of Alcoholics Anonymous’ success and a working definition of personal spirituality. Helpful to anyone who wrestles with the melding of their religion and the A.A. program, especially Catholics.Includes the prayer, ‘The Best Memory System,’ author unknown.

5. “God’s Plan” – Tri-fold 8”x 4 1/4” pamphlet.
A short, prayer-like essay on God’s plan for you. Written in general terms, it is to be interpreted individually. This purposefully specific and individualized interpretation can open the door to greater spirituality, deeper serenity and better living

6. “A.A. and the Higher Power” – Bi-fold 8 5/8”x 4” pamphlet.
A brief, prayer-like interpretation of the responsibility that the Higher Power has bestowed upon recovering alcoholics. Provides insight and a workable answer to any alcoholic who asks, “Why me?” Includes a working definition of humility.

7. “It Is Up To You” – A Bi-fold 8 ½” x 11” pamphlet.
The prayer, ‘It Is Up To You,’ author unknown, is offered as a prelude to a poetic description of the life of Matt Talbot as presented by The Dublin Matt Talbot Committee Board. After reflecting on that, the individual is presented in simple terms what a retreat weekend can offer him or her.

8. “Just for Today” – Bi-fold 8”x 4 3/8” pamphlet.
Can be used as a daily planner or day/date calendar allowing those in recovery to best plan their time around spiritual activities. Its simple design outlines a decent and humble way of life.

9. “Funeral Service for Matt Talbot Member”
For officers, members and clergy who would like to conduct a powerful and spiritual Matt Talbot funeral service.
This item is no longer printed and kept in stock. However, the following versions can be downloaded from The Movement’s website: http://www.matttalbotretreats.org, printed and used as needed:

· General Use – The original version that has been in use for well over 40 years.
· Clergy – For clergy use only. Rewritten by one of our Retreat Masters.
This version is in line with the Catholic Church’s present liturgy for the dead.
· Group M107 – Specifically rewritten for Group 107, contains modern day language and makes for an easier presentation.


10. “The Man in the Glass” – 3 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card.
An introspective poem geared towards Steps 4, 5 and 10. Stresses being true to ourselves. A great pick me up when your spirits are down and John Barleycorn is calling. “As long as we remain true to ourselves all will be well.”

11. “The Gal in the Glass” – 3 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card.
Exactly the same poem as “The Man in the Glass” for women.

12. “Sobriety” – 3 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card.
A Very moving poem that begs the question “What have you done with your day today, now that you are sober?”
“Did you spread joy and happiness or pain and confusion?” A must read for every new retreatant and some old timers as a reminder of happy times past.

13. Membership Card – 2 1/4″ x 4 3/8″ card.

Explains the symbols on the Matt Talbot Medallion and has space for new retreatants to record the number of retreats participated in. The membership card is a good tool for keeping track of the number of retreats attended.

14. Matt Talbot Prayer Card (Color) – 2 5/8″ x 3 3/4″.
Four color line art of Matt Talbot praying in his sparse room on the front and the Prayer for Canonization of Matt Talbot on the back. Fits nicely in a billfold. Imported from Ireland
(Irish Messenger of the Sacred Heart)

15. Matt Talbot Prayer Card (White) – 2 5/8″ x 3 3/4.”
A black and white drawing of Matt Talbot praying in his sparse room on the front and the Prayer for Canonization of Matt Talbot on the back. Fits nicely in a billfold. Imported from Ireland (Irish Messenger of the Sacred Heart).

16. Retreat Prayers Pamphlet – A 2 7/8″ x 5 /1/2″ pamphlet containing the Prayer of St. Francis Assisi, AA 3rd.
Step Prayer, Serenity Prayer, Prayer for Recovering Alcoholics, and the Prayer for the Canonization of
Matt Talbot. These prayers are used on retreats and by members as part of daily meditation.


17. “Matt Talbot and Alcoholics Anonymous”
A 32 page booklet that details the life and times of Matt Talbot and then presents an analysis by an A.A. member of how his triumph over alcoholism parallels the Twelve Steps of the A.A. Program. An excellent publication that has historically been presented to new retreatants at the time they receive their medallions.

18. “The Mystery of Matt Talbot”
A 27 page booklet by Fr. Morgan Costelloe, former Vice-Postulator of the Cause of Matt Talbot. It explains the spiritual program that Matt Talbot adhered to in overcoming his alcoholism and ultimately forming a close union with God. Detailed are the principle elements in the lives of Irish monks which closely parallel those of Matt Talbot’s life. Imported from Ireland.

19. “Matt Talbot – Hope for Addicts”
A 30 page booklet by Fr. Morgan Costelloe, former Vice-Postulator of the Cause of Matt Talbot. Describes the historical times in which Matt Talbot battled his alcoholism and ties in the events of Matt’s life with the Twelve Steps and the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement of the United States. Imported from Ireland.

20. “In The Spirit Of Our Program”
A 32 page booklet containing prayers for morning, quiet time, and evening, recovery reflections, suggested guidelines for daily meditation, and a description of Matt Talbot. Typically used throughout weekend retreats and as a tool for daily prayer and meditation.

21. “The Making of Matt Talbot”
Thirty two page biography of Matt Talbot by Mary Purcell who is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Matt and his Times. Ms. Purcell’s full length biography of Matt is available from major booksellers. Imported from Ireland.